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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
This self-persecution our fanbase feels has to be the most aggrevating thing about us. There's certainly a littany of reasons why some fans won't go to the park, but the bottom line is the Sox have spent the money and we just don't bother to show up. We didn't even average 25 K a night at the park last year, good enough for 24th out of the 30 MLB teams while the team still pays a Top 10 payroll for the better part of a decade now. Any neutral observer to this situation would clearly conclude that the Sox are the only ones holding their end of the bargain in this relationship. The fact that people, supposed "fans" of the Sox still think the team needs to "market" it to us is ****ing pathetic.
Marketing is a huge part of any business, and the White Sox are a business. I don't know why its a shock that bad marketing and horrible pricepoints will drive consumers away. It really doesn't matter that the Sox spend a lot of money, that impacts my willingness to goto games so little. I used to go to a lot of games, Have a 1 year old now so the time is more limited, excited with the new pricing to be able to take him to more games.

But the white sox are like any other product or company or brand out there. They are pretty expensive for little results. The experience at USCF isn't a great one, not over the top. The product on the field has pretty much been a bust. Its pretty easy to see why they do not pick up the common fan.

If the Sox want attendance they need to do 3 things - (1) get the pricing right (done) (2) get the product on the field right and stop hoping to back in with a 84 win season and (3) Produce some type of big name (Chris Sale could possibly be that down the road).

The Sox really have not had that Superstar face of the franchise since Thomas left, although Thome came really close. But Konerko, Buehrle, Rios etc., outside of Sox fans, no one really cares about these guys.