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Originally Posted by DonnieDarko View Post
Exactly what I'm saying. :P

In Hahn's defense, the Catcher Free Agent market, IIRC, wasn't all that good save for Pierzynski and...Napoli, I guess? 3B market was worse. I'd venture to say that it was absolute garbage, even. I don't know what the 2B market was/is like, but I doubt that much of anyone would have been an upgrade over Beckham. I don't think that the outfield needs an upgrade, and the bullpen is ALWAYS a huge crapshoot.

I have no problems with the starting staff outside of Floyd, who I think should be traded for maybe some decent prospects or something. After all, the White Sox are going to need to upgrade at 1B soon...either that or let Konerko walk/retire and then have Dunn take over there and have a rotating
Im with you except for Floyd. Trading Floyd for prospects is basically hoisting the flag for this year. Wait till mid year for Floyd.

I just noticed , Hope you have a great celebration of your birth today DonnieDarko.

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