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The problem with a lot of the Prime 9 shows is this (as well as the "40 greatest....."--fill in the blank-- shows).

Because this is a visual medium they seem to decide that the only teams / players / historical moments that can make the list is that which they have TV video of.

Not saying the 2005 Sox shouldn't make this list by the way, just saying that in reality a lot of these lists are bogus because they basically are only including the ones they have video on and even then for example they often by pass events by if all they have is film.

Example, Jim Rivera's spectacular catch in Game #5 of the 1959 World Series is never mentioned on any of the applicable lists on that network.

Rivera's catch saved the 1-0 win and was unbelievable because he literally was just inserted into the game a few pitches before for defensive purposes, he had to run a mile from right field into deep right center in the L.A. Coliseum, he caught the ball over his shoulder like an NFL receiver and he had to somehow find the ball with a murderous background of sun and white shirts, which is what was being worn to games in those days.

Also the MLB network has never explained to my knowledge who exactly 'votes' on these things and what their credentials are.

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