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Kubel, no, but I would move Vicideo and Ramirez for Upton in a second.

Ramirez, if he doesn't find his bat, puts us in a bit of a spot. The White Sox could literally be below average offensively at all 4 positions up the middle. While these are primarly defensive first positions, it is hard to win being that below average.

People overvalue Ramirez a ton here. He was 2nd to last in OPS among qualifying SS. His defense is solid, but even that only makes him a 2 WAR player, good enough for the bottom half of the league. Beckham was 17th out of 21 qualifying 2b in OPS and 19 out of 21 in WAR. De Aza actually grades low in WAR, and Vicideo's OPS was good enough for 12th out of 14 qualifying LF.

Not exactly a good thing. If you look at next years team, and heck, lets even give the benefit of the double to Flowers that he is above average and Konerko that he comes back healthy.....

The sox are below average offensively at 2b, SS, CF, 3b, LF, and depending your criteria, DH. Those are 6 positions where we are going to run out 2 WAR players or less.

Outside Rios, we don't really have a standout at any position. This offense needs to be rebuilt.
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