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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Zobrist would be a great fit for the Sox.

Two reasons the Rays entertain this - He's making $5.5M next season with a $7M option for 2014, i.e. getting priced out of their range for a secondary player and they need a cost-controlled power bat with Upton gone - which means Viciedo going the other way.

IMO, Viciedo alone wouldn't get a deal done for Zobrist, we'd probably have to throw in one of our OF prospects and/or a young reliever like Nate Jones.

The question for me is would the Sox risk Viciedo potentially equaling Zobrist's numbers in the near future - making the deal for a more refined and reliable hitter but one who's likely hitting FA in 1-2 more years?

If I were Hahn, I'd push for a younger player with more upside if they're thinking of dealing Viciedo.
He's not a secondary player. At 7.5 million in 2 years he is still one of the best bargains in baseball. This thread is way off what it would cost to acquire him, of he is even available. Please check Zobrist's numbers the past few seasons.
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