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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
I don't consider Zobrist a secondary player as far as performance or even value, my reasoning was his value vs. salary specifically for Tampa, since they are committed to pay Longoria $6M in 2013 with his salary going up every year to $7.5M in 2014, and $11M in 2015.

They've always had issues holding onto players when their salaries are raised to market level. They chose to let Upton go this offseason. For what Zobrist gives them on a raw numbers level, I don't see him staying with Tampa much longer.

Sure they could keep him for 1 or 2 more years, but then get nothing for him in FA, and they need an infusion of hitting talent that can take over some spots at the big league level and hold down positions at a lowered cost for a number of seasons.

Not sure if the Sox are that team even if we give them my suggested offer of Viciedo, Trayce Thompson or Keenyn Walker, and a young reliever like Nate Jones.

Since Zobrist is going to be paid $7M next year and a FA in 2 years, I don't see Tampa getting much more for him than that despite his good numbers.
He is owed less than $20 million total the next 3 years. He has been one of the most valuable players in baseball the last 4 seasons. Fangraphs says his performance has averaged about $25 million a year. It would take a huge package to get him from Tampa. A lot bigger than anyone has mentioned. This thread is way off. He instantly would be the White Sox best player, and it really isn't even close. If he became available, every team would want him. They could do a lot better than the offers in this thread. People have no idea how good of a player this guy is.
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