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Originally Posted by SOXfnNlansing View Post
It's something how the Hit King is banished for life and most people are fine with that and this new cheating bunch has a lot of people wanting to look the other way because they would have been in the hall before they took drugs. What if Pete got 3000 hits and bet on games after that. Where is the argument that 3000 hits gets you in (in that era) and he would have been eligible for his career when he wasn't betting on games?

None of them should be in the hall.
The hit king agreed to his lifetime banishment, so this is a completely different situation.

I think players should be judged on their numbers alone, unless they tested positive after MLB implemented a testing program. Otherwise, we're going to see players kept out on nothing more than suspicion or hearsay, while other players who were supposedly clean will get in and years later admit to using.

Here's a good SI article supporting Barry's candidacy: Link

If you had asked me 5 years ago, I would have said hell no to Barry getting in. But knowing that even the supposed clean guys at the time like A-Rod were was way more wide-spread than we realize.

However, I can understand not letting Sosa and McGwire in because they played in an era where homeruns were devalued, and their games didn't offer much else.

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