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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
I think the effects of a perfect game or no-no also can be physical. I mean it's a guaranteed complete game and guys often extend to 125+ pitches to get it done where if they were winning 5-0 having given up a single hit they might be pulled around 100. Plus obviously the mental strain of throwing a once in a lifetime game can lead to a guy putting a lot extra on late inning pitches and stress the system even more.

I mean a guy with a 10-0 lead having given up a hit or two is throwing get me over fastballs late in the game just to finish a complete game, but with a major achievement on the line, they are still letting it fly late with a high pitch count. I've felt this way for a while. It's more obvious for older pitchers I think.

I remember when Buehrle threw his perfect game and then came back and started the next game with like 5.2 innings of perfection. Then suddenly he hit the wall and the next 4-5 games (IIRC) he struggled. I thought it was the stress from all those tough pitches.
Really he had two bad outings. The outing against the Twins he had 5.2 perfect innings and the game got a way from him in the seventh but in looking at the game recap on baseball-reference I noticed that one of the runs was scored on a weak ground ball through third, another on a single into short right and yet another when Dotel walked in a run. I seem to recall thinking that anyone other than Dye in right would have gotten to that single. In his next outing he pitched into the 8th but gave up five runs (and the White Sox made three errors behind him) and then pitched 8 shutout innings against Seattle. I know a lot of people said that Buerhle fell apart after the perfect game in 2009 but I only thought he had four bad starts out of his next thirteen. Sorry for the hijack.

Go Sox!!!
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