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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
4/56M sure sounds like a lot for a player like Nick Swisher - especially coming from a small market team.

It might be the Indians spending their money stupidly. But, it may also be a sign that team profits are going up and up and so are salaries.

At least other teams are looking to add MLB quality players to their roster.

That's probably as much a condemnation of the talent level in the Sox system over the past 10 years as it is a kudos to KW for not giving up any other good players during his tenure.

I agree that the Swisher trade with the A's was worse than the Todd Ritchie trade.

This is a key point which I'm surprised that nobody here has brought up. Teams are flush with cash, but not spending as much as soon. It's probably because they know that more players are hitting the open market later on before spring training and during the early part of the season. Why rush? i can't blame them.
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