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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Guillen, and that keen eye for talent, had it in his mind that Jerry Owens was a ML center fielder and lead-off hitter. Swisher would play left. Quentin - Guillen pencilled him in for Charlotte.
Owens got hurt, and Guillen messed around with TCM in center for a couple of games. Swisher was put there by default.
But also by default, he was cast as leadoff hitter.
Swisher is a good hitter - really a quality #6 or so with good power and on base skills. The Sox needed him to play roles which were not his strength.
Kenny was a big believer in Jerry Owens too. At SoxFest after the 2007 season when Kenny failed to acquire a CF (after announcing his plan 1, plan 1a, etc) said that Jerry Owens was a "fantastic" center fielder and was the leadoff man "for the foreseeable future."

Go Sox!!!
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