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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post

I don't know, it seems their strategy roster wise has been fairly clear the last ten years. Pitching first. That was reinforced this off season when the Sox did in fact sign one of the league's top free agents, Jake Peavy, and picked up Floyd's option.

Sure it stinks we have Dunn in the lineup and seem to be lacking hitters. I'd rather lack hitting than pitching. If you lack hitting you still have a chance, if you lack pitching you have no chance. The Sox pitching in 2013 could turn out to be very good.
I can agree with the pitching somewhat. We have had good depth. No great Cy Young contenders. Sale may be that guy. We'll see.

It's the positional side where they haven't figured out things. Roster is top heavy.

They stay healthy, but wear down often due to lack of depth.

I'm done jacking the thread. Haha.