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Originally Posted by wilburaga View Post
I'd really be surprised if he got in on the first ballot. Of the five tools, he aces two of them, but is probably in the bottom 10% in the other three, and possibly dead last in one (throwing).

He had no notable success in the postseason. Of the four postseason series in which he participated, he 0-ferred two of them.

#35, with a bat in his hand, is a first ballot HOFer. Without the bat, not so fast.
He's gonna get in but it might be close for the reasons you mentioned. The fact Piazza didn't get in gives me pause however. He was the same kind of player legendary hitting skills , poor to average defensive skills I think Thomas 2 MVP's and the fact it should be three (cheater Giambi) are going to get him in , and I'll say it is going to be high 70's low 80's, a relatively close call. Also, these writers are going to be feeling the heat to actually elect some of these deserving players they for some reason passed on this yar.
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