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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I respect your opinion but cheating is part of baseball, always has been. Cheating has been with baseball since before Ty Cobb and it's gonna be around even when we are dead.

Gaylod Perry wrote a book admitting how he cheated yet I don't think any umpire ever caught him, it's hard to not respect that a little bit. I would have to think every pitcher scuffed or used a spitball sometime in their careers especially as they got older. Whitey Ford admitted to scuffing balls too so taking cheaters out of baseball is like taking sugar out of candy. It's part of the game.

The way players have cheated today with steroids isn't a sexy way to cheat especially to older generations who feel Aarons and Maris's records are sacred but I would have to think every generation would have done the same thing if steroids were available. I think the only way to determine who belongs is if we look at the player themselves.

--Barry Bonds..No doubt hofer, steroids did inflate his numbers but he would have ended up with 600 homeruns regardless.
--Roger Clemens....Same as Bonds, he would have ended up with hof numbers without roids.
--Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro both weren't going to be hofers without roids so they need to be kept out.
--Piazza, Biggio, Bagwell should and will get in but I just feel they all used at some point but should the voters punish them for making a bad decision. I personally don't think they should penalize them.
--Mark McGwire is one who I really don't know how to judge. I think he would have gotten close to 500 homeruns but injuries may have kept him out longer without the roids too.

Nobody is ever going to know who really used or didn't use roids so these voters need to use common sense on who should go in.
This is ridiculous. So in other words, the players that didn't cheat, that actually played the game the right way were just idiots for not cheating? Just because cheating has been a part of baseball since its inception doesn't mean you should be rewarded for it anymore than a high school student should be rewarded for cheating on an entrance exam. And never mind the cheating aspect of it. Steroids are illegal. You're suggesting players should get rewarded for breaking the law.

Now what is hypocritical is the same writers that were cheering the long ball and players like mcGwire and Sosa are now the same ones saying they don't belong in the HOF.

And I have no respect for someone that takes glee in never getting caught cheating. I just can't. Not getting on a moral high horse, but that's basically saying you have no integrity, and couldn't make it unless you had an unfair advantage.

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