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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
Curious if anyone has any idea why Blyleven gets in the Hall and John doesn't. John had more wins, a better winning pct., about the same ERA, and more 20 win seasons ( 4 or 5 to 1). Blyleven has the lead in shutouts but John's 30 plus is very good. Blyleven pitched for World Series winners in 79 and 87 but John also pitched for a couple World Series teams with he Dodgers. I just don't see why John gets little support but there was a huge sabermetric movement trying to get Blyleven in there.
When he retired didn't Blyleven have something like the fourth most strikeouts of all time? John put up some good numbers but it was mostly a result of longevity (though Blyleven certainly had a long career too). The sabermetric community helps Blyleven more and Blyleven constantly screaming about how he belonged in the hall helped him towards the end a bit too. Though it might have hurt him initially.

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