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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
That isn't really accurate though. Greenies allowed players to play more games back to back, doubleheaders, and longer during the season than if they didn't take them. To me that sounds an awful lot like enhancing your talents. Watching the collapse of the Sox' offense over the final 2 weeks of the season makes you wonder how it would have been had greenies not been banned.
So does coffee and Red Bull. Greenies allowed you to be more alert and meant that you didn't need a day of rest possibly, but they would not transform a .230 slap hitter into a 25 HR guy the way that steroids did. If you couldn't catch up to a guy's fastball, greenies wouldn't suddenly enable you do that, nor would they enable you to go from throwing 90 to 96. Steroids did.

Go Sox!!!
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