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Greenies will help you get on the field, and feel good for the game, but they won't put muscle on a good player and make him great by hitting 40-50-73 homers.

I don't have a problem with Clemens and Bonds getting in someday, but I would have to use some common sense and intuition as well.

The thing that bothers me the most is when somebody says, "If they put up the numbers, put them all in". Meaning McGwire, Sosa, and Palmeiro. Uh, no. I would not vote for players that I thought got to those former HOF benchmarks if I thought they got there only because of steroids. They shouldn't put in 30-40 players from the 90's just because they put up the numbers, while the 70's and 80's players are underrepresented in the Hall. That would be like saying, "If only Dave Parker and Keith Hernandez did steroids instead of blow, they could be Hall of Famers right now".

I'm all for some forgiveness for the sake of the Hall itself, but when it comes to the former benchmarks that automatically get you in the Hall, I wouldn't pay attention to that. A guy's career WAR from the steroid era is meaningless to me.

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