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Originally Posted by HomeFish View Post
The Sox used to show baby pictures of players on the scoreboard between innings, and have the crowd guess which player it was.

One day they showed this baby with a gigantic head, and everyone in the crowd knew exactly who it was. Anyone who sees that picture knows that Thomas didn't use PEDs.
You also just need to look at the numbers over the course of his career.

When Frank entered the league in 1990, his Adjusted OPS was 177, meaning that he was 77% better than the average hitter. That remained fairly consistant until 1998, with the strike shortened season being the one outlier. If he used PEDs, he should demand his money back, because I'm not seeing where his performance was ever enhanced, outside of the strike-shortened year.

When Thomas returned to form in 2000, he was only 63% better than the average hitter. The "average hitter" had improved so much by 2000 because of PEDs, which made Thomas's numbers less impressive compared to his peers. This is another way Thomas was hurt by PEDs.

His career is more in line with classic sluggers like Hank Greenberg, Johnny Mize and Jimmie Foxx.

As far as Bagwell goes, his numbers are not as straight forward. He went from hitting 20 homers in 1993 to having one of the highest slugging percentages since WWII in 1994.
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