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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
Not sure if these uniforms were truly "polarizing." Few people (other than Mary Frances Veeck) liked them!
I like the basic idea (color scheme, font, etc), they were really the first sort of "throwback" uniform, and even bringing back a 19th century element like the color worked in theory as they were debuted during the bicentennial. The execution, such as having the shirt untucked, left a lot to be desired. I have heard a few baseball players say that those uniforms were the most comfortable they ever wore. Even George Brett said they looked comfortable.

Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Ugh. Not a fan. Are we doing this every year now?
Unless they want to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1964 team I don't think they have any other big anniversaries to commemorate. They have commemorated the '64 team before though, but the road uniform was the best part of that set and they won't wear road throwbacks.

Go Sox!!!
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