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Originally Posted by LongLiveFisk View Post
I was 12 in 1983 and although they didn't bother me much back then, I definitely don't like them now. I agree with people who have mentioned them looking like softball uniforms. If not for the fondness of the '83 team, I can't imagine they would have any lasting impact, but that's just me.
Bingo! If it wouldn't have been for the 1983 division championship and the whole "Winning Ugly" rally cry, these uniforms would be nothing but a forgotten marketing mistake and quite possibly be the worst 1-2 uniform combination ever paired with the navy blue/white Veeck-era pajamas.

I think JR and the SOX brass have more of a nostalgic feeling towards these uniforms as they represent one of the first stamps on the team after taking over as owners.

I remember at the time, anything was considered an improvement compared to the untucked pajama jerseys. I was hoping they would revert to the 1950's era black pinstripes with red trim, but I guess I was 10 years away from seeing similar uniforms again.
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