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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
2008 says hello
My bad. He did post a 3.84 era in a season four years ago.

Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
Adjusting to the league makes their career Era's different by either. 03 or. 28. Yeah, that's substantial.
Yeah, and I think that's nonsense. Floyd has a career 4.46 ERA and Sanchez has a 3.75. Yeah, their whips are similar but the difference is in how they get them. Sanchez walks more guys but gets more strikeouts. Floyd simply gives up more hits with less K's, which explains why his ERA is higher.

Just to be clear, Sanchez's career ERA is better than Floyd's best single season ERA. Sanchez's ERA in American League parks is still better than Floyd's career ERA. They are not the same pitcher. Do not fool yourself into thinking GM's believe them equals. Floyd is not getting the deal Sanchez got this offseason. Gavin's got value if we decided to trade him, but he's not worth nearly as much as Sanchez would be with the same contract.
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