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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
I was more indicting the others than Smoltz . He did his part, although I am still not convinced he's a solid HOfer, though it is apparent I'm in the minority there and he will get elected from what I've read. I'm just thinking they may not have been all that great as a staff like people seem to believe if they only have one ring to show for it. Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum are already more successful in that department . I believe pitching talks and you know what walks in the postseason. They had 3 guys who were very very good to great , should have won it more than once. That 10 reasons why (the Braves won one stinkin series)thing on the Braves on ESPN was nonsense blaming everyone but the big 3, who besides Smoltz sucked. Yes of course a great player can not win it no matter how great he is if the rest the team isn't good enough. But the Braves, with 3 #1 starters, have no such excuse , they had a lot of good players around them.
I think that speaks more to the volatility of the baseball playoffs than anything else. It'd be one thing if the people talked up the Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz Braves as one of the greatest rotations ever and then they consistently finished 2nd in the division and out of the playoffs, but they had a 14-season run as division champs. That's unprecedented and, frankly, probably more indicative of actual talent. Real teams win out over 162 games, anyone can win a short series.

Oh, and Tim Lincecum sucked this year and was basically out of the Giants rotation by the time the playoffs came around. He started 1 game for San Francisco this postseason and was promptly shelled.

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