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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Oh please. Yes no one can 100% predict the future, but there are things that are easy to assume.

The bullpen is better and Reed should improve are really the same thing. I don't think the bullpen was the problem last year though, and it's debatable how a better bullpen improves us.

I like our #5 options better than Humber. Keppinger is a better stick than Morel and probably Youklis, but he's even more of a defensive black hole than Youk was. And his addition does not compensate for AJ's loss.

John Danks probably won't be 100% this year, but even if he is our big problem is offense, of which we have very little.

Why do you think Beckham will get better at the plate? He's had over 1000 plate appearances and has only regressed.

I'm fairly confident Viciedo will not improve. At least not without more time in the minors and a completely reworked approach. His problem is that he has no batting eye at all, and coupling that with a long swing that doesn't make contact very often, he's a long way from being a piece that can contribute. The league figured him out pretty quickly. Why does it take our fanbase so long? These were things scouts have said about him all along...
Reed was a liability last year. The bullpen would be lights out and Reed would blow the game. Having a closer with an ERA at 4.75 is far from acceptable. I can see that ERA drop atleast a full run, with my guess having it be around 3.00.

How is having a better bullpen "debatable" to whether it helps us? Giving up less runs, increases chances of winning.

You know little about Danks progress so do not assume. Even if offense is our problem Danks returning to form will improve the team. Would you be opposed to picking up one of your beloved Tigers' starters because "offense is our problem"?

Beckham is someone I hold irrational hope for because I think one day he is going to get his swing back together. All indications show he is a hardworker and maybe a 2nd year with Manto can work out some of the fundamental kinks.

Viciedo's issues are all about approach, as you said. His approach is attrocious so any improvement would make his stats improve. The kid is only 23 though with one full season under his belt. In that season, Dayan hit 25 home runs and hit the ball to all fields. 25 home runs is a distinction only 39 hitters held. Power is not as easily had as it once was in this post steroid era. Give Viciedo time to develop discipline and watch that vicious, powerful swing produce.

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