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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
What?!?! So, waiting until the games are played is an extreme level of optimism? i don't think i've stated this team was going to surprise and win the Central, nor did i state they would win 90-95 games. I'm taking a wait and see approach, not the sky is falling approach you're taking. If anyone is being extreme around here, it's you. And you wonder why no one values your opinion around here.

Oh come on. There's a difference in what we're talking about. Wait and see with what we have and maybe we'll win 95 games and the Central? You might as well wait and see if Ricky Henderson decides to come out of retirement and win the triple crown. 95 wins is not even on the table. If everything goes right, I'm not sure 85 wins is on the table. This team is sorely lacking in talent at several positions. Lots still needs to be done.
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