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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
Again, you've misread what I said. I said your approach was bat-**** crazy. Your approach is to pre-judge the team with absolutes. Mine is to reserve judgment until games are played. Again...big difference. Big. Huge!

Still waiting on how, if everything goes right, this team doesn't win 85 games, and your definition of everything going right.
Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
Those are the types of statements that cause nobody to take you seriously. And the reason that the stuff you say comes back and bites you in the ass.

There's a difference between zero chance and next to zero. It's not just semantics. There is a possibility this team could compete. There is a possibility the Tigers lose three starters to injury and Cabrera gets hit by a Guinness truck on his way to work.

It's just not that likely. Acting like it is perpetuates the problem. Blind faith is a really bad thing, because it doesn't force action. Ask the fellas up north what that's gotten them. I like that our fanbase won't come out and support crap when we're having a crappy season. I just wish we'd hold the team more accountable now, when there's much more to do about it.
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