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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
Dunn without protection is a scary prospect. Note when Konerko was hitting as well as anyone in the league the first few months of the season last year, Dunn was productive. Once Konerko fell off, Dunn was worthless. I could be wrong of course, but Dunn batting where he belongs at the bottom of the order is going to be ugly.
Dunn without protection behind him in the lineup will give Dunn a higher on-base percentage because he will walk more. If walks are a big part of his offense, that would be a good thing.

When a big hitter has protection in the lineup, the idea is that pitchers will pitch to them instead of walking them and they will get fewer walks. Dunn was pretty much worthless last year from late May, long before Konerko fell off, and he wasn't worth that much before that. He was only hitting .230 at the end of May.
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