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I'll agree with Blandman overall....I don't have a reasonable expectation of the Sox competing. We competed last year, but fell short, and we needed Detroit to underperform to compete. They improved, we didn't. The Royals also improved. WE have a couple of players who could improve, but more who have a similar probability of regression. Looks like a .500 team. The glimmer of hope I have is that the pitching is above average, and that's the best strength to have.

Aside from our impotent farm system, we basically gave away Edwin Jackson at the deadline and Carlos Quentin in the offseason. We honed in on a couple of AAA pitchers who had slight off seasons as our prospects. They continued their slides with us. These are good players whom we really couldn't afford to give away. Could we have snuck in last year with Quentin/Viciedo as our LF/Bench bat (of which we had absolutely none)? Probably.

Thus, I hope we make a move. Either get a bat or get some young talent in here.
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