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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
1. He played
2. The second "procedure" was an inpatient procedure lots of people get for not serious issues.
3. We don't know, but let's face it. Even if he's not "done" from age, he's certainly constantly dealing with injuries from age. There's not a lot of difference in production.
He got that procedure done, to wash it out, because they didn't know how long he would need to recover with the surgury. He had the surgery the day after the season ended. If he wasn't hurt, and wasn't concerned about recovery time he wouldn't have needed the surgery and wouldn't have had it right away. But that would give someone optimism that Paulie could put up a nice season, and since he's wearing a White Sox uniform and not a Tigers or Royals, in your mind there is no chance for that. Your posts remind me of Glum from the Gulliver cartoons.
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