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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
I met him when he was playing for the White Sox. I didn't like him the first time I met him and I still don't like him. Granted he is a decent announcer, but I wouldn't care if he was replaced by somebody else. The best word I can use to describe him is arrogant. He comes off to me as if he's a no it all and he's too good to talk to you. I think he ought to count his blessings that he's had alot of success as an announcer. I would make a pretty good guess that he has made more money as an announcer than what he did as a player. That being the case he should be a little bit more fan friendly than what he has been.
I think deep down Stone feels working for the SOX organization is a step backwards because his greatest career gig was with Harry Caray and the Cubs during their trendy "media darlings" days in the 80s. I know he left the Cubs organization on bad terms, however I think he's pissed the Cubs never offered him the executive management position he hinted to. (GM?)
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