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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
Sacramento would probably be high on the list. I think they have the 20th largest market in the United States. I don't know how that would affect the The A's though because I hear they might move to San Jose. That may be a rumor, not positive on that. ...
I don't expect the A's will ever move to San Jose. The A's ceded the territory to the Giants before the Giants built a stadium with private financing secured with the understanding that San Jose was and would be Giants territory. I've been told there are financial considerations that go beyond the competition for fans -- tickets and merchandising and such. Really, the South Bay is not the East Bay. You don't have to cross a toll bridge to get from San Jose to San Francisco and you do to get into The City from Oakland.

I also don't see Sacramento as a candidate for Major League Baseball, although in some ways the A's might seem better off there. Raley Field, home of the River Cats, an A's affiliate, seats less than 12,000. Bringing it up to Major League standards would seem a major undertaking. I don't see such renovations or a new stadium being built in this economic and political environment, not with government involvement anyway. Sacramento may not be able to hang on to its NBA team much longer.

Still, if any team were going to move to Sacramento, it would pretty much have to be the A's.
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