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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
The term "rushing" players doesn't have anything to do with time, it's based on a player's physical and mental ability to survive at the next level. Harper (who, by the way, has 2x the MiLB service time of Beckham) and Sale clearly could make it and were advance appropriately. But if your argument is that there's no such thing as moving players too quickly in the minors, well, that's 100% wrong, I don't know how to sugar coat it for you.
So if the person in charge of player development and GM of a baseball team think a player is ready for the major leagues, that's not good enough for you? At the time of Beckham's promotion he was hitting AAA pitching hard and really didn't have anything left to prove.

My point is that every individual player reacts differently to a major league promotion, whether they had 100 at bats in the minors or 1000. To say a player was "rushed" because they aren't hitting in the majors is a knee-jerk statement in my opinion.

It may just be that Beckham isn't a good hitter and no amount of minor league seasoning or major league coaching can change that.
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