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Originally Posted by shenk16 View Post
I agree. Since he seemed like such a nice guy I figured I would keep my witty response to myself! I think I read somewhere on here that Kittle cracked a joke about Fisk's DUI at Soxfest. Not sure how everyone else feels, but I'm sure I could come up with a million cracks about Kittle as well...strange dude.
Kittle asked if anyone had heard about Fisk's new bobblehead in the middle of a cornfield. Then they all joined in and Wimpy said "we didn't even know he liked vodka". The way Kittle was talking about other stuff, he seems to be the guy who says stuff that he shouldn't but means no harm.

Heck I saw a guy standing next to the Fisk racer and making the drinking sign. Took a pic and everything. Have a feeling that will be going on the whole season. Especially when the racer loses, because he was drunk. Ha.
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