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Originally Posted by asindc View Post
Runs are more precious because once you get one, it is yours to keep, and they are rarer than outs. It cannot be assumed a run will score after a walk when the same AB could have produced a SF. That's why you take the run even if you have to give up an out to do it.
If that is what you believe, that's fine, I'm just point out that you're arguing against numbers.

Originally Posted by asindc View Post
Striking out less is not in lieu of making less frequent outs. The two are not mutually exclusive.
Nobody has said that, you're arguing against nobody here, I am just merely pointing out that if you look at a team over the course of 162 games, it generally does not matter how often they strike out. For every good offense that strikes out rarely, there is a good offense that strikes out a lot. For every bad offense that strikes out a lot, there is a bad offense that strikes out very rarely. If you're trying to mold an offense around the concept that you don't want strikeouts, that is no guarantee you are building a successful offense.
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