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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Yes. And I think that's at the heart of what's been wrong about our system. Beckham has obvious issues with his swing that teams were of course going to exploit when they figured it out. My largest concern is that no one in our system - no scout, manager, general manager, director - recognized this and thought to deconstruct his swing. Or worse, they recognized the need for an acquisition and traded away the kids future for a quick fix and then expected him to "adjust" at the major league level with an approach that is exploitable at best. Anyway you cut it though, he was absolutely rushed to the big leagues.
This is all conjecture and hindsight. The only concern about Beckham going into his second year in the majors was about his defense. There was zero talk about possible issues with his swing. Everyone thought he would be able to hit the ball at the major league level after his first successful season. That goes for people in and outside of the organization.
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