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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
That's the kind of attitude that can get you a job with the White Sox front office.
Pretty much.

Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
That's fine - neither do I - but there are people who get paid to do that, and some are writers who analyze and report on it.

Methinks some folks (not necessarily you, Dump) would have much less of an issue with the entire analysis of minor league systems if the Sox were, say 3rd instead of near the bottom.
People wouldn't get worked up about subjective minor league analyses if the real-world outcome didn't closely match these rankings. People can say that the Sox being ranked #30 or #28 means nothing....but what does mean something is the very real result of the Sox haven't very little internal talent helping the team for quite a few years now.

If the only people who are allowed to discuss this problem are experts who have an inside knowledge of the minor leagues, then we may as well shut down this site.

Originally Posted by SoxNation05 View Post
Courtney Hawkins came in at #68 on's top 100 prospects.

They speak pretty highly on the kid. It's nice having a potential impact position player in the system. Besides Beckham's short stay in the minors I can't think of a solid position player that we have had in the minors. Dayan Viciedo, Brandon Allen and Chris Carter come to mind but I think Hawkins' overall potential trumps theirs.
As far as I can recollect, the last position player that came through the Sox system who had reasonable success in the majors was Aaron Rowand.....and he was drafted by the Sox 15 years and first came up 12 years ago.

Chris Young has had some success in MLB. At least we got Javy Vazquez for him. Beckham has been underwhelming, but not a total bust. We'll see what Tyler Flowers does this year.

Of course, there's also Alexei and Viciedo from Cuba. That seems to be the one lone bright spot of getting talent from Latin America.

Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

It's more than just spending on U.S. players.

It's spending on good coaches, it's spending on getting the best scouts (even if that means getting them from other organizations), it's spending on getting the minor league operations up to par with the way the Sox want it done. Have been to Great Falls for example and let's just say they need some work on the facilities. It means spending money on international talent that is not subject to draft specifications.

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