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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
This is the big thing, and much more important than a prospect actually panning out, in a sense. Minor league perception trumps major league production.
Thats just it. Minor league prospects, top ones, don't get there by being a Jose Quintana or a Hector Santiago or a Brian Omogrosso. Guys who are MLB filler, who fill the 5th SP spot, or the Mop Up Bullpen role. Every team has those. Some have better years than others.

It is the pitchers with 2-3 major league pitches, out pitches, and hitters who have projectable power etc. Guys who have the potential to impact the game, those are what carry value.

If you notice, we haven't had that major trade over the last couple of years. We have had all these retread pick ups like Youklis and they have not been getting us to the playoffs. We have nothing other teams really covet anymore. That has to change.
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