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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
At one time, I thought he was almost certain to end up passing Aaron and Bonds for all-time HR leader. He already surpassed 600 HR at age 34.

Too bad the Yanks won it all in 2009 - I would have loved to see A-Rod finish his career without a WS title. At least it looks like he's getting his name properly tarnished just like Bonds, Clemens, etc.

As much as I can't stand him, I hope the Yankees aren't able to weasel out of paying him the rest of his contract. They like throwing stupid money at players to buy up championships. So, let them choke on that $20M/year that they agreed to pay him until he is 42.....of course, that kind of contract is just a minor speed bump to the Yankee$.

If anything, he'll retire and they could collect from insurance. But I doubt that the MLB Players Union will let guaranteed money be voided. Plus we don't have legal precedence. Belle was forced into retirement due to hip degeneration, and the O's collected from insurance.

I think a buyout is the most likely scenario. I'd be stunned if he plays again anytime soon.
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