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Originally Posted by shenk16 View Post
I haven't heard anything from Reynel either. However, I own a 27 game plan so I'm not sure if that process will apply to me or not. Can't see how it wouldn't since I have seen many new ST holders move in front of me and I have now had the package for 8 years. I know there are a ton of people with more seniority than myself, but the new ST ending up in front doesn't quite make sense.
Years ago we used to have 3 seats on the aisle with the weekend plan. My buddy had the first 2 and I had seat 3. My buddy upgraded to the "we'll sell you all the playoff games in 05 IF you become a full ST holder in 06" plan, so he got relocated. So, I KNEW those seats were opening, called my rep, and I coudn't move. Another friend of mine became a first time holder the same season I requested an aisle seat, and lo and behold he got one as a brand new customer. SO, I'm thinking the Sox offered the better stuff to the newbies just to entice a few more ST sales, AND they were coming off a championship so I didn't really expect to move. A few years later I got relocated to my current aisle seat. Took about 3 seasons.
Playoffs? PLAYoffs?
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