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Default The Hawk

It seems like the only people who dislike Hawk are people who post on WSI. Whenever he walks into a seminar at Soxfest the White Sox fans always give him a standing ovation. He's become the face of the White Sox. To the best of my knowledge he signed a long term contract with the White Sox recently, so he's not going anywhere. I read somewhere that Stone has one more year left on his contract. I would think if Stone doesn't get along with the Hawk this 2013 season, this will be Stones last year with the White Sox. If I was Stone and I wanted to continue working for the White Sox, I would try to get along with Hawk. At Stones age the White Sox will be his last stop as an announcer. I doubt that any other team in MLB will hire Stone. They want younger people announcing. I don't see anything wrong with promoting fun at the park. The Cell is a great place to see a game. Promoting it as such is a great idea.

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