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From my interview with Bob Grim, done a few years before attendance became an issue:

ML: Bob you also deal with the White Sox announcers. I know when we interviewed Brooks Boyer he explained what his role is with them and what he tries to get across to them. Can you talk about what you do with them?

BG: “I have to listen to what they are saying, so I’ll go back and forth between the TV and the radio on every game. I have to know what’s being said so that if a fan e-mails me or Jerry (Reinsdorf) asks ‘did you hear this’ I can explain what went on.”

“I’ll interact with the announcers every day, even if it’s just sitting down to talk to them and it doesn’t have to be about baseball, we’ll talk about anything. To me, and I listen to other baseball broadcasters, I don’t think you’ll find a better group on any team than ours.”

“I hear a lot of tapes, I listen to satellite radio of other games and I know that some folks may not like “Hawk” Harrelson or some folks may not like Ed Farmer, but collectively who’s a better group? And I tell that to fans or anyone who contacts me.”

“The only thing I’ll tell guys like Hawk is that, say they mention Bill Freehan or Jake Gibbs during a broadcast, that they have to realize not everyone is from the age that knows who those guys were. I do, but there are people who don’t, so they have to take the time to explain who they played for, what position and when they played but that’s about the only area that I really try to let them know about.”

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