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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
Taking last season's stats into consideration, Chris Carter would project to 35+ HR and 100+ RBI over the course of a full season. If he hit .239 while doing that, it wouldn't matter. If he hit .199 while doing that, it wouldn't matter. Like you said, his OBP was over .350, which would extrapolate to 80-100+ walks.

Assuming that he doesn't get hurt or completely fall apart mentally in a new organization, Chris Carter projects to be one of the premier lefty power hitters in the game, or at least what lefty power hitters used to be before the steroid era.

You rip on Carlos Pena, but his prime seasons would be a welcome addition to just about any lineup in baseball, plus he was well above average with the glove at 1B. Brett Wallace and Fernando Martinez are nothing more than meaningless names that you're tossing out to try and validate your point, and they shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence with a guy like Carlos Pena that has accomplished quite a bit at the major league level.
Carter bats righthanded. Extrapolating his numbers to 162 games is dangerous because he was essentially a platoon player.

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