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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Article in today's Tampa Tribune; St. Pete city council turns down Rays request to even explore looking for a new site. This is insane, as Red Barchetta said a few posts ago the powers to be are not working together and bottom line is that the whole area will lose the team.
This is the same city council who shot down a proposal from the Rays a few years ago to build a privately funded, bayfront ballpark on the site of an existing, spring training ballpark site.

It seems as though the St. Pete city council cannot get past the fact that they built an ugly dome in 1990, eight years before they attracted a full-time tenant with the (Devil) Rays and they want to prove they were right with their vision. I know it's hard to believe, but there are only 7 older ballparks in MLB than Tropicana and most of them have been entirely renovated. The St. Pete council realizes that the only way the dome will remain a viable structure is to keep the Rays in St. Pete, despite the poor attendance. If the Rays move out, the occassional tractor pull, monster truck or concert event will not be enough to justify the dome. The dome previously hosted the NHL Lightning from 1993-1996 before they moved the franchise to downtown Tampa, so I know it's a matter of pride for St. Pete not to lose the Rays and to allow Tampa to have all three professional sports teams.

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