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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Oh I see. So it's negative to believe that he's likely to get hurt despite everything that's been said on the matter, but it's perfectly okay to believe there's little reason to believe he'll get hurt despite everything that's been said on the matter. Because, you know, kool-aid. Got it. As long as that's your take and not based on anything solid. Just making sure we understand each other. And that after six pages you haven't once made a legitimate counterpoint to the notion and continue to argue semantics.

BTW, if you knew anything about that draft, you'd know that Sale fell to us BECAUSE of his injury concerns, and because most scouts felt that for him to have a successful career, he'd be in the pen.
Do you even read these posts before you respond. You made an absolute statement, that I pointed out as incorrect. I even gave an example of the correct way to argue your side of the argument. I agree that there is some concern. I also argued that if those concerns were going to come to fruition, it would have most likely happened in the first season in which Sale was heavily taxed, inning-wise. He did not get hurt in that season. That isn't Kool-Aid, or semantics. I'm basing my opinion on, you know, stuff that actually has happened. Can Sale still get hurt? Sure. Is it much, much more promising that the concerns of some scouts might not come true, being that he just got through a near-200 inning year without injury. Yes.

And, Mr. Snarky-pants, if you knew anything about the draft, you would know that Sale dropped because he wanted a guarantee that he would be on the major league roster immediately, so as to start his arbitration clock.

Edit: Also, he fell about 5 spots from projections. Hardly a free-fall.
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