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Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
He was never injured. He pitched nearly 200 innings in his first year out of the pen. How you can extrapolate that a phantom injury that never occurred caused "performance issues" more than the much much more likely scenario that he had some fatigue because it was his first year pitching a starter's innings is beyond me. If he was hurt, the Sox (you know, the best training staff in sports) would have shut him down. Didn't happen. You seem to be the one preaching semantics. The evidence is on my side here.

Chris Sale was not considered a reach. He just wasn't.
Your denial is beyond reproach.

Seriously though, if you're gonna pretend like dropping ten mph off a fastball is normal and not a break down of the body in some fashion, occuring not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES over the course of the year, I can't even talk to you. Just go about your business.
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