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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post

It seems to me that support for the Brewers really took off after they moved to Miller Park. If I remember correctly, their years at County Stadium didn't have such good attendance numbers. Maybe part of their success is thanks to having a retractable roof which makes early season days cold and/or rainy days still a good draw.

It's not like the Brewers have been wildly successful since 2001, but they have had a good amount of exciting teams and exciting players over the last decade or so. They've certainly succeed in turning a small market team into a successful franchise attendance-wise.
New Ownership had as much, if not more to do with the attendance rising than Miller Park itself(though the promise of no rain outs helps with the fans driving from areas like the Green Bay/Appleton area. And it is a lot easier to go to games when the temp is going to be 70* no matter what).
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