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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
I'm not even going read this post. Go profess your philosophy about what we need to do as sports fans to a ****ing brick wall. I'm a baseball fan because I love baseball, and all I'm saying is that I would prefer a game in which players aren't OPENLY or blatantly cheating. Is that such an insult to your intelligence that it merits a 500 word diatribe of how full of **** I am? I roll my eyes every time every time I have to waste my time reading your holier than thou condescension. Go troll someplace else.
The only real reason it's today seen as "cheating" is that once upon a time the US got butthurt about being outplayed at their own game and decided to make rules about it. I'm not saying you're full of **** or don't love baseball, you just don't know the history of this.
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