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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post

Here's the thing I don't understand with that line of thinking, which seems to be a majority view on the matter. If we are in that bad of shape, why did we re-sign Peavy then? You could save an additional $29 million that way if we really aren't going to go all out to try and win the division. This isn't basketball or football where there is a real salary cap. If the Sox have their own personal salary cap in mind, why not be under it now, pocket the extra cash, and then use it to go over their personal cap in 2 years then? It isn't like the money disappears if they don't spend it this year. I'm not advocating a full rebuild, but that signing doesn't seem to fit the narrative of a team waiting around for contracts to come off the books.
Because they know the team has to be somewhat competitive to draw.

The Cubs are already arguably the more exciting team in Chicago NOW, just imagine if the Sox went out and punted the next 2-3 seasons in the hope of rebuilding. Hello 15K per night!

Extending Peavy two years and keeping the flicker of hope alive they might catch lightning in a bottle doesn't really change the long term plans, IMO. And anyways, its not like Peavy is keeping some young stud SP buried in Charlotte. Somebody's gotta pitch every fifth day.

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