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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
I dont know, I like Bourn, but I dont think hes worth 12 mil per. I mean, thats about what Rios makes and Rios > Bourn. He will make the Indians better.
I don't think Rios is better than Bourne. Rios had some better seasons, but he's inconsistent. And Bourn's a different player. One of the best leadoff guys in the game, and a defensive wizard in center.

I'd probably rather have Bourn. But having one and not the other isn't what I meant either. I'd love to have Bourn in center and Rios in right with a platoon in left. That's an outfield that would have went a long way to helping us compete. I'm not sure there's a guy out there now that'll realistically put us in the equation.
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