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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Again, nobody, myself included, cares what you PERSONALLY think about their work. If you think NUMBERS R 4 NERDZ N VIRGINS or that they suck at their job, that's fine, that's a personal opinion that I cannot sway. I am only challenging the notion that BP isn't a relevant entity, which is, again, complete bull****.
If they make irrelevant projections for ****s and giggles, yeah...

Don't get up in arms about people not taking them seriously for being consistently wrong by a wide margin about the Sox, then claim that the projections don't mean anything anyway and others are dumb if they read too much into them. Good models turn out bad results, sure. But if the model is consistently turning out results which are off, even if it's just one team the model underestimates every year, maybe the model sucks.
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