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Originally Posted by ohiosoxfan View Post
My point wasn't to strictly make a comparison to our guy. I'm just pointing out that this guy is a decent player, but he's not guaranteed to make Cleveland a World Series champion. . . sure he could have helped us, but I don't think we have room for another $12 million player (unless we would move Floyd, Dunn, etc.) Plus, if we had signed him, we lose a first round pick (it could be debated whether that would really hurt us or not based on our draft history -but we did pick Sale in the first round)

I guess what fired me up was the comments assuming he's going to hit over .300 for Cleveland leading off when he has only done that once and just barely. He also strikes out a lot- his obp is similar to our inexpensive CF/leadoff man.
Well, he's really not $12 million this year, he's only $7 with money deferred. So we wouldn't really HAVE to move anyone, and then you can slot that money to replace Konerko's at the end of the year.

I mean, there's no point in discussing that now, because it's done. But it's certainly something that would have really helped this club at a reasonable value.
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