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Originally Posted by Bob Roarman View Post
Haha, wow, yeah that's sort of a huge leap there, not assuming but telling Native Americans that they should be proud to be, essentially, a brand. Holy ****.
This whole issue goes a lot further back than that.

Some teams named themselves after native Americans because they epitomize bravery, honor, and were fierce warriors and that's what they wanted their sports team to represent.

This was before branding was a concern. Selling apparel and merchandise with Native Americans on it wasn't big business when these teams named themselves. I'm going way back to the beginning when I talk about honoring Native Americans by naming your sports team after them.

Edit: But, it's a good thing you mentioned branding because IMO that's the issue in play here. IMO this is more about money than it is dignity. This was always an issue but, it became bigger as the business of selling team-themed merchandise became bigger.

Is it because branding gave this issue more recognition? Or is it because those involved wanted a piece of the pie too? Maybe one or the other. Maybe both. Maybe neither. But, it is a factor IMO.

How over-sensitive the world has become is painfully aggrivating at times. This is just one of many examples of that.

But, where does this end?

Does PETA get involved next and say that teams named after animals must go?

Do French Canadians stand up and cry that the name "Montreal Canadiens" must go?

Do some Americans stand up and say that they take offense to the name "New York Yankees" and demand a name change?

The bottom line is, someone is always going to take offense to everything.

Do the opinions of the few outweigh the opinions of the many?

If done tastefully and respectfully (Blackhawks, Illini, Warriors, Seminoles, Chiefs, Braves etc. etc. etc.) and NOT in a racist way (Chief Wahoo logo and Redskins name) then I don't see the problem and IMO those against it look more like whiners than people standing up for an injustice.

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